Frequently Asked Questions

Water Damage

Although we are not your insurance provider and cannot answer this question, we do know insurance standards and know the proper steps to take when working with your insurance company
We use an insurance pricing software that will give a cost before sending it to the insurance company. This will determine whether it's worth sending a claim into your insurance company or not
This matters if it's an emergency water job or not. Many times, if the job is critical enough there is no time to waste. Leaving water in a structure even for a short period of time could lead to secondary issues that your insurance company may not cover. We will give you all the information you need to help make the best decision at that time.


We are not physicians and don't claim to be. People can react to certain molds differently to others. To know what type of mold is present and if it's dangerous, you must have an air quality test performed. All mold testing is performed by a third party so that Clean Slate is not involved in the process for moral reasons.
No. We must come and do an estimate and then can tell you the cost to properly clean. There may be a cost if a detailed estimate is needed.
Yes and No. Yes, we guarantee that when we leave a job the mold that was present is within normal living conditions. No, we cannot control the environment of our customers once we leave. Things can develop outside of our control that cause an environment to become abnormal with mold again.


We are equipped to work with all insurance providers. We hold are certifications, licenses and insurances needed to work with your insurance company. We use the same pricing software that well over majority of insurance companies use.
It matters what your belongings are. This will be part of the cleaning process. We work closely with our customers on making these decisions.
Most instances, yes. This will depend on the size of the job but most jobs we can sub-contract if need be.

Air Duct Cleaning

Yes. If you know how many vents and returns you have, we can give you a price. We price based on vent and return openings.
How often it matters to the environment. If you have pets or have had construction done in your home or building, then you may need cleanings more often. If you see dust build up around your vent covers or the outer flooring of rooms, it may be time for a cleaning.
Yes. We have a fogging machine that we can spray throughout your system for orders and/ or to disinfect.

Crawl Space Solutions

First, crawl spaces affect the majority of air you breathe in your home or business. Taking care of your crawl space can be a health issue. Second, crawl spaces directly affect your power bill. Having the correct systems and products in place is crucial for being energy efficient.
Vented crawl spaces allow air from the outside to circulate throughout to prevent stagnant air from causing odors, moisture and possible mold growth. Encapsulated crawl spaces block air from the outside and the stagnant air is controlled by vapor barriers, dehumidifier(s). Drainage and sump pump(s) may also be needed.
Not necessarily. There are variables to consider with every job encapsulation is a superior way but not always the right fit. Clean Slate Restoration treats every job as if it were our grandmothers.